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wcm.io DevOps CONfiguration GenerAtor Roles and Templates for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

The current version of AEM Definitions is 1.x. Guideline for migration from AEM Definitions 0.x: Migrate from wcm.io CONGA AEM Definitions 0.x to 1.x

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This repository contains generic role definitions and templates for CONGA-based AEM configurations:

  • aem-cms: Configures AEM Author and Publish instances
  • aem-dispatcher: Configures Webserver with Dispatcher module
  • aem-dispatcher-cloud: Configures Webserver with Dispatcher module following the Adobe Cloud Manager conventions

The definitions can be used by CONGA - CONfiguration GenerAtor for configuring Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) environments.

The plugins CONGA Sling Plugin and CONGA AEM Plugin are required.

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Version: 1.8.3-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2020-09-15.