CONGA - CONfiguration GenerAtor

Configuration generator for DevOps Teams.

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The configuration generator helps generating configuration based on templates for a set of environments, nodes, roles and tenants.

It supports any file type that can be generated using a text-based template. Additionally it supports validators and post processors with a flexible Java ServiceLoader-based extensibility model.

It targets DevOps teams where developers are responsible for defining the roles and templates, and operations defines the environments with the nodes and tenants.

The generator can be executed from the command line or via a maven plugin. The definition files are written in YAML 1.1 format. The templates use Handlebars as scripting language.

See general concepts for a more in-depth explanation or jump into the usage description.


Based on the extensibility model the DevOps project hosts CONGA plugins:


The DevOps project provides some generic templates implementing best practice configurations for certain environments:

Definitions for CONGA:

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Version: 1.17.1-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2024-06-14.