The CONGA Sling Plugin extends CONGA using its extensibility model.

Provided Plugins

File plugins:

Plugin name File name(s) File Header Validator Escaping Post Processor
osgi-config .config X X
sling-provisioning .provisioning, .txt X X X X

Please note: Files with the extension txt are only managed as provisioning files if the contain the string "[feature " (heuristic).

Sling Provisioning Files

The Sling Provisioning Model file format is described on the Sling Website. It is a compact format that allows to define features with bundles and configurations for a Sling-based distribution. The CONGA Sling Plugin uses only the configurations and ignores all other part of the file.

You can use a Handlebars template to generate a provisioning file. When the post processor sling-provisioning is applied to this file the single Felix OSGi .config files are generated out of it and the provisioning file is deleted.

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Version: 1.4.1-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2024-04-15.