The CONGA AEM Plugin extends CONGA using its extensibility model.

Provided Plugins

File plugins:

Plugin name File name(s) File Header Validator Escaping Post Processor
any .any X X X
aem-contentpackage .json X
aem-contentpackage-osgiconfig .provisioning, .txt X
aem-contentpackage-properties .zip X

Please note: Files with the extension txt are only managed as provisioning files if the contain the string "[feature " (heuristic).

Generating AEM Content Packages

The CONGA AEM Plugin provides two post processor plugins that generate AEM Content Packages (ZIP files with JCR XML files describing a JCR content structure). These content packages can be imported into a AEM instance using the CRX Package Manager.

The plugin aem-contentpackage generates a content package out of a JSON file. This JSON files contains JCR content as produced by the Sling GET Servlet.

The plugin aem-contentpackage-osgiconfig generates a content package containing OSGI configurations out of a Sling Provisioning file.

The Sling Provisioning Model file format is described on the Sling Website. It is a compact format that allows to define features with bundles and configurations for a Sling-based distribution. The CONGA AEM Plugin uses only the configurations and ignores all other parts of the file.

Both post processor plugins support a set of options that allow further configuration of the generated content package:

Property Description Group name for content package Package name for content package
contentPackage.description Description for content package
contentPackage.version Version for content package
contentPackage.rootPath Root path for the content package
contentPackage.filters Contains list with filter definitions, optionally with include/exclude rules. If not defined a simple filter rule is derived from the contentPackage.rootPath property.
contentPackage.acHandling How to apply ACLs that are contained in the content package. Possible values: ignore (default), overwrite, merge, merge_preserve, clear.
contentPackage.thumbnailImage URL to thumbnail PNG image to be used for the content package. URL file plugin prefixes can be used (e.g. classpath:).
contentPackage.files List of additional binary files to be included in content package. For each file you have to specify a path property (target path), and for the source an url property for an external file, or a file and dir property for a file that was generated by CONGA. If the file should be deleted after the inclusion you can additionally specify delete: true. Defines map with additional custom properties for package metadata.

Example for defining package properties with a set of filters:

# Define a AEM content package with some JCR content (Sling Mapping Example)
- file: sling-mapping.json
  dir: packages
  template: sling-mapping.json.hbs
  # Post-processors apply further actions after generation the file
  - aem-contentpackage
      name: mapping-sample
      rootPath: /etc/map/http
      - filter: /etc/map/http
        - rule: exclude
          pattern: /etc/map/http
        - rule: include
          pattern: /etc/map/http/.*
        - rule: exclude
          pattern: /etc/map/http/AppMeasurementBridge

Post-processing AEM Content Packages

With the post-processor plugin aem-contentpackage-properties is applied automatically to all ZIP files manged by CONGA. The properties contained in the AEM package are extracted and included per file in a property aemContentPackageProperties in the model YAML.

The model YAML file can be exported during CONGA generation and provides the necessary runtime information for deployment tools like Ansible.

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Version: 1.9.3-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2020-01-15.