Class Role

    • Constructor Detail

      • Role

        public Role()
    • Method Detail

      • getInherits

        public List<RoleInherit> getInherits()
        Defines inheritance relations for this role.
        List of inheritance relations
      • getVariants

        public List<RoleVariant> getVariants()
        Defines the role variants available for this role. Role variants can be used to apply a slightly different set of configuration templates or values to a node based on a variant.
        List of role variant definitions
      • getTemplateDir

        public String getTemplateDir()
        Defines the directory where the role template files are located. The path is relative to the tempaltes root directory. If missing the files are searched within the templates root directory.
        Relative path to template files
      • setTemplateDir

        public void setTemplateDir​(String templateDirectory)
      • getFiles

        public List<RoleFile> getFiles()
        Defines the files that should be generated for this role.
        List of file definitions.
      • getSensitiveConfigParameters

        public List<String> getSensitiveConfigParameters()
        List of configuration parameter names that contain sensitive data (like passwords) that should be encrypted on serialization e.g. in model export files.
        List of configuration parameter names (with "." as hierarchy separator)
      • setSensitiveConfigParameters

        public void setSensitiveConfigParameters​(List<String> sensitiveProperties)