Class NodeRole

    • Constructor Detail

      • NodeRole

        public NodeRole()
    • Method Detail

      • getRole

        public String getRole()
        Defines the role name.
        Role name
      • setRole

        public void setRole​(String role)
      • getVariant

        public String getVariant()
        Defines the role variant name. The role has to define the variant. With this parameter only one variant can be chosen per role.
        Role variant name
      • setVariant

        public void setVariant​(String variant)
      • getVariants

        public List<String> getVariants()
        Defines multiple role variant names. The role has to define the variants. If this is set any value set to the 'variant' parameter is ignored.
        Role variant names
      • setVariants

        public void setVariants​(List<String> variants)
      • getAggregatedVariants

        public List<String> getAggregatedVariants()
        Get list of defined variants, regardless if the 'variant' or 'variants' parameter was used.
        List of defined variants