Release History

Version Date Description
1.3.2 2020-07-10  
1.3.0 2018-08-17  
1.2.0 2018-07-13  
1.1.0 2018-05-04  
1.0.0 2018-01-15  

Release 1.3.2 – 2020-07-10

Type Changes By
Lower log level for vault encryption handling to "trace". sseifert
Update dependencies. sseifert

Release 1.3.0 – 2018-08-17

Type Changes By
Add support for dynamic pyhton scripts as input for Ansible Inventory and Ansible Vault files. sseifert
Add support for using JsonPath expressions to get values from JSON-style Ansible inventories. sseifert

Release 1.2.0 – 2018-07-13

Type Changes By
Add YamlConstructorPlugin for Ansible Vault tags in YAML files. sseifert
Fix reading encrypted Ansible Vault files with windows line endings. sseifert

Release 1.1.0 – 2018-05-04

Type Changes By
Encrypt sensitive configuration parameter values in model export YAML file. sseifert
Fix Ansible Vault decryption issue with Python libraries and invalid padding. sseifert

Release 1.0.0 – 2018-01-15

Type Changes By
Initial release. sseifert

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Version: 1.3.3-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2021-03-15.