Release History

Version Date Description
1.10.0 2020-11-24  
1.9.0 2020-10-08  
1.8.2 2020-09-15  
1.8.0 2020-06-28  
1.7.0 2020-04-28  
1.6.2 2020-01-30  
1.6.0 2019-11-22  
1.5.4 2019-05-23  
1.5.2 2019-05-09  
1.5.0 2019-03-19  
1.4.4 2019-01-15  
1.4.2 2018-08-17  
1.4.0 2018-07-02  
1.3.0 2018-05-04  
1.2.0 2018-02-05  
1.1.0 2017-11-22  
1.0.2 2017-10-19  
1.0.0 2017-10-17  
0.9.6 2017-10-17  
0.9.4 2017-09-12  
0.9.2 2017-07-21  
0.9.0 2017-04-07  
0.8.0 2017-02-09  
0.7.0 2016-09-21  
0.6.8 2016-06-15  
0.6.6 2015-10-16  
0.6.4 2015-09-26  
0.6.2 2015-09-03  
0.6.0 2015-07-24  
0.5.0 2015-07-08  

Release 1.10.0 – 2020-11-24

Type Changes By
Add new role Role aem-dispatcher-ams. trichter
Role aem-dispatcher: Add HSTS header in author vhost when SSL is enforced. trichter
Roles aem-dispatcher, aem-dispatcher-ams, aem-dispatcher-cloud: Add "assetsearch" to list of ignored selectors for json extension. sseifert

Release 1.9.0 – 2020-10-08

Type Changes By
Role aem-dispatcher: Introduce httpd.ssl.protocol and httpd.ssl.cipherSuite, configure TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3 with perfect forward secrecy (PFS) ciphers. trichter

Release 1.8.2 – 2020-09-15

Type Changes By
Role aem-cms: Fix package filter rules for aem-cms-publish-slingmapping to make sure "http" mappings are installed. sseifert

Release 1.8.0 – 2020-06-28

Type Changes By
Role aem-dispatcher, aem-dispatcher-cloud: Add httpd.headers.cacheControl to allow fine-grained location-based setting of cache control headers. nbellack
Role aem-cms, aem-dispatcher-cloud: Add httpd.cloudManagerConditional to allow to define server names/alias names depending on environment in a single dispatcher configuration with support for Sling short url mapping. sseifert
Role aem-dispatcher, aem-dispatcher-cloud: Introduce parameters httpd.mapping.uriExcludeFromMapping and httpd.mapping.uriAllowContentAccess to configure the URI patterns with special treatments for Sling short url mapping. sseifert
Role aem-dispatcher-cloud: Add httpd.headers.htmlExpirationTimeMin parameter to control the default expiration time for text/html responses. sseifert
Role aem-dispatcher, aem-dispatcher-cloud: CORS Header - Add required protocol to the example origins to be whitelisted. mceruti
Role aem-dispatcher: Add mimetype application/manifest+json for extension webmanifest. mrozati
Role aem-dispatcher-cloud: Apply special treatment for /crx and /saml_login in resource mapping, allow access to /content/test-site. sseifert
Role aem-dispatcher-cloud: Apply default values for allowAuthorized, serveStaleOnError, serveStaleGracePeriodSec, statFilesLevel. sseifert

Release 1.7.0 – 2020-04-28

Type Changes By
Add new role "aem-dispatcher-cloud" that generates dispatcher configuration that can be deployed via Adobe Cloud Manager. sseifert
Set packageType and enable FileVault validation for all CONGA-generated content packages. sseifert
Add skipCopyCertificates option to skip copying SSL certificates from a controlhost to the target machine. nbellack
aem-cms-publish-slingmapping: Fix setting server port for server alias names. sseifert
aem-cms-publish-slingmapping: Do not generate mapping entries for "*" server host/alias names. sseifert

Release 1.6.2 – 2020-01-30

Type Changes By
Dispatcher Flush Agent: support "aliasUpdate" flag, which is needed when using sling:alias or vanity URLs mrozati
Role aem-dispatcher: Use "LocationMatch" instead of "Location ~" to avoid Handlebars whitespace error. bsommerfeld
Role aem-dispatcher: Fix inheritance of dispatcher configuration lists in combination with custom inherited dispatcher roles. Fixes WDCONGA-28. sseifert

Release 1.6.0 – 2019-11-22

Type Changes By
Role aem-dispatcher: Add http2 variant which provides HTTP/2 support. nbellack
Role aem-cms: Remove Minimal "DAM Update Asset" Workflow - it was already discouraged to be used in AEM 6.3, and no longer compatible with AEM 6.4 and up. sseifert
Role aem-cms: Remove stop script. Synchronous stop mode is now implemented in the Ansible role wcm_io_devops.aem_cms (see 'templates/'). trichter

Release 1.5.4 – 2019-05-23

Type Changes By
Role aem-dispatcher: Enable TTL support and caching of cache control headers by default. sseifert
Role aem-dispatcher: Avoid potential exploit allowing accessing any URLs that ends with css, js and other file extensions. Allow unrestricted access only to client libraries at /etc/clientlibs, /etc.clientlibs and /etc/designs/*/clientlibs. sseifert

Release 1.5.2 – 2019-05-09

Type Changes By
Role aem-dispatcher: Introduce dispatcher.configPath to allow customizing of DispatcherConfig location. trichter

Release 1.5.0 – 2019-03-19

Type Changes By
Role aem-cms: Introduce sling.mapping.generatePackage to allow disabling of the sling mapping package. trichter
Role aem-dispatcher: use httpd.ssl.offloading.enabled and httpd.ssl.offloading.rewriteCondition for variant aem-author. trichter
Role aem-cms: Increase default quickstart.stopTimeout to 1200 seconds. trichter

Release 1.4.4 – 2019-01-15

Type Changes By
Role aem-dispatcher: Disable dispatcher caching for author instance. trichter

Release 1.4.2 – 2018-08-17

Type Changes By
Role aem-cms: Sanitize replication agent names by replacing dots with underscores. trichter
Role aem-cms: Add custom httpd port support for publish sling mapping. trichter

Release 1.4.0 – 2018-07-02

Type Changes By
Role aem-cms: Set workflow.useMinimalDamUpdateAssetWorkflow to false by default because DAM update asset workflow definitions differ between AEM versions. sseifert
Role aem-cms: Add workflow.minimalDamUpdateAssetWorkflowAEM63 to support additional required DAM update asset workflow steps for AEM 6.3. sseifert
Role aem-dispatcher: Adjusted logging.accessLogFormat to log with a dummy ip address in order to make access logs better parsable by standard tools. trichter

Release 1.3.0 – 2018-05-04

Type Changes By
Role aem-dispatcher: Introduce httpd.ssl.offloading.enabled and httpd.ssl.offloading.rewriteCondition in order to support SSL offloading. trichter
Role aem-dispatcher: Update rewriteHomepageRedirect to use https and httpd.serverNameSsl when SSL is enforced (used in SSL offloading setup). trichter
Role aem-dispatcher: Always set Strict-Transport-Security header when SSL is enforced (used in SSL offloading setup). trichter
Role aem-dispatcher: Introduce httpd.remoteIPInternalProxies to allow configuration of addresses (or address blocks) to trust as presenting a valid RemoteIPHeader value of the useragent IP. trichter
Role aem-dispatcher: Introduce (optional) headers.contentSecurityPolicy to allow configuration of the Content-Security-Policy header. trichter
Role aem-dispatcher: Introduce headers.referrerPolicy to allow configuration of the Referrer-Policy header. trichter
Role aem-dispatcher: Introduce (optional) headers.xssProtection to allow configuration of the X-XSS-Protection. trichter
Role aem-dispatcher: Fixed 304 NOT MODIFIED responses for gzipped resources when working with entity tags, see trichter
Role aem-dispatcher: Introduce dispatcher.cache.ignoreUrlParams to allow configuration of query params that are ignored during evaluation of a request is cached/served from cache. trichter
Role aem-dispatcher: Introduce dispatcher.logging.level to allow configuration of DispatcherLogLevel. trichter
Role aem-cms: Introduce stop script with optional synchronous stop behavior, to ensure AEM is either stopped within timeout (quickstart.stopTimeout) or killed when not. trichter
Role aem-cms: Introduce quickstart.adminUser.username|password|passwordOld to provide a central configuration place, change the Apache Felix Webconsole password and the AEM admin password during conga-ansible automation. trichter
Role aem-dispatcher: Fixed conditional statement for httpd.accessRestriction.dispatcherFlushFromHost in accessRestrictionsDispatcherFlush block. trichter
Role aem-dispatcher: Prefix publish vhost files with index numbers to enforce same order as tenants in environments. sseifert
Role aem-cms, aem-dispatcher: Allow to configure custom ports for HTTPd by introducing httpd.serverPort|serverPortSsl. trichter
Role aem-cms: Mark configuration parameters that contain sensitive data so they get encrypted in model export YAML files. sseifert

Release 1.2.0 – 2018-02-05

Type Changes By
Role aem-cms: Add (optional) support for deploying AEM crypto keys. sseifert
Role aem-cms: Use aemCryptoEncrypt to encrypt transport user password for replication agents. sseifert
Role aem-cms: Introduce and replication.publish.generatePackage to allow disabling of the replicationagent packages. trichter
Role aem-cms: Generate static CONGA file header for start script to avoid unnecessary restarts when dependencies are updated. sseifert
Role aem-dispatcher: Remove 'DispatcherNoServerHeader' from dispatcher.conf - it's deprecated and has no longer any effect. sseifert
Role aem-dispatcher: Add additional selectors to block pointing to AEM-builtin servlets which should normally not accessible on publish instances. sseifert

Release 1.1.0 – 2017-11-22

Type Changes By
Role aem-dispatcher: Introduce httpd.logging.errorLogLevel and httpd.logging.accessLogFormat to allow configuration of LogLevel and access log format. trichter
Role aem-dispatcher: No client ip logging by default (privacy protection). trichter
Role aem-dispatcher: Fix httpd.ssl.enforce to use mod-rewrite in rewriteEnforcePrimaryHostname, because redirect permanent had no effect. trichter

Release 1.0.2 – 2017-10-19

Type Changes By
Role aem-dispatcher: Fix primary hostname redirect for Author SSL vhost. sseifert

Release 1.0.0 – 2017-10-17

Type Changes By
Role aem-dispatcher: Combine aem-dispatcher-* roles into a single role with multiple variants (that can be combined). Fixes WDCONGA-14. sseifert
Role aem-dispatcher: Add httpd.accessRestriction.locationFilter and dispatcher.filter properties to allow to customize filtering rules. Fixes WDCONGA-12. sseifert
Role aem-cms, aem-dispatcher: Introduce sling.mapping.*, remove "slingMapping*" properties. sseifert
Role aem-cms, aem-dispatcher: Introduce httpd.serverName|serverNameSsl|serverAliasNames|serverAliasNamesSsl, remove "server*" properties. sseifert
Role aem-dispatcher: Introduce httpd.accessRestriction.adminAccessFromIp|adminAccessFromHost|dispatcherFlushFromIp|dispatcherFlushFromHost, remove "dispatcher.allow*" properties. sseifert
Role aem-dispatcher: Introduce httpd.redirectRoot.url|httpStatus, remove "dispatcher.rootRedirect*" properties. sseifert
Role aem-dispatcher: Introduce httpd.corsHeader.*, remove "dispatcher.corsHeader.*" properties. sseifert
Role aem-dispatcher: Introduce httpd.ssl.*, remove "dispatcher.ssl*" and "dispatcher.enforceSsl" properties. sseifert
Role aem-dispatcher: Introduce httpd.customVHostConfig.*, remove "dispatcher.tenantSpecificVHostConfig" property. sseifert
Role aem-dispatcher: Introduce httpd.cache.*, remove "dispatcher.cacheRootPath" and "dispatcher.statFilesLevel" properties. sseifert
Role aem-dispatcher: Remove "dispatcher.moduleFile" and the generated dispatcher.load file. sseifert
Role aem-dispatcher: Use distro-agnostic file for generated httpd and dispatcher config files. Fixes WDCONGA-18. sseifert
Role aem-cms: Introduce sling.caconfig.override to generate overrides for Sling Context-Aware Configuration. sseifert

Release 0.9.6 – 2017-10-17

Type Changes By
Role aem-cms: Add option to make the minimal DAM Update Asset transient (default: true). amuthmann
Role aem-cms: Sling Mapping - ease handling for resolution of non-matching requests. twolfart
Role aem-cms: Add jvm.argsList parameter to define a list of custom JVM arguments for AEM start script. sseifert
Role aem-dispatcher: Set "noindex, nofollow" header for all requests with ?frontend-debug sseifert
Role aem-dispatcher: Do not allow access to un-shortened paths when sling mapping is active, unless explicitely configured. sseifert

Release 0.9.4 – 2017-09-12

Type Changes By
Role aem-cms: Apply quickstart.enableDavEx parameter also on publish. sseifert
Role aem-dispatcher: Add /system and /services (required for AEM Communities) to exclude list for short url mapping. sseifert
Role aem-dispatcher: Allow access to /etc/designs by default. sseifert

Release 0.9.2 – 2017-07-21

Type Changes By
Role aem-dispatcher: Cache AEM Clientlibs with long cache key for 1 year (CSS/JS files with '.lc-*-lc.min.' in the file name). sseifert
Role aem-dispatcher: Always use LocationMatch instead of FilesMatch to better play together with dispatcher. sseifert
Role aem-cms: Remove 'Create web enabled video formats' step from minimal DAM Update Asset workflow. sseifert
Role aem-dispatcher: Exclude the dispatcher invalidation URL from rewriting. mwehner

Release 0.9.0 – 2017-04-07

Type Changes By
Role aem-cms: Start AEM with -nofork option. mwehner
Role aem-dispatcher-*: Make each role explicitly activate all httpd modules it depends on. mwehner
Role aem-cms: Fix PID of Sling DavEx servlet. sseifert
Role aem-cms: Add parameter quickstart.rootPath that defines the AEM home directory. sseifert
Role aem-dispatcher-common: Add parameter httpd.modules that lists apache modules. sseifert

Release 0.8.0 – 2017-02-09

Type Changes By
HSTS support in dispatcher: Increase timeout to 31536000 seconds (one year). sseifert
VHost templates: Switch from filesystem to webspace directives. twolfart
VHost templates: Remove document root, not required because dispatcher handles all requests. twolfart
Apache 2.4 compatibility: Add conditional statements for access control to enable Apache 2.4 compatibility without access_compat module. trichter
Apache 2.4 compatibility: Add dispatcher.allowAdminAccessFromHost option for host based access control trichter
Apache 2.4 compatibility: Add dispatcher.allowFlushFromHost option for host based access control trichter
Apache 2.4 compatibility: Change dispatcher.allowFlushFrom and dispatcher.allowAdminAccessFrom based rules to handle ip addresses only trichter
Apache 2.4 compatibility: Updated roles and examples to reflect new options dispatcher.allowFlushFromHost and dispatcher.allowAdminAccessFromHost trichter
Role aem-cms: Add new property quickstart.hideConfigWizard (default: true). sseifert
Role aem-cms: Add new property quickstart.enableDavEx to enable CRX DE Usage (default: false). sseifert

Release 0.7.0 – 2016-09-21

Type Changes By
Add dispatcher.enforceSsl flag to enforce redirect to HTTPS, and enable HSTS. sseifert
Add default cache-control header and set noindex for some non-html files. sseifert
Disable .form, .feed and .feedentry extensions in dispatcher. sseifert

Release 0.6.8 – 2016-06-15

Type Changes By
Use optimistic auto-invlaidation rules in publish dispatcher.any instead of pessimistic ones. Fixes WDCONGA-3. mrozati
Add dispatcher.forwardClientHeaders option for author and publish dispatcher configurations. Defaults to "*". Fixes WDCONGA-4. sseifert
Deny access to /bin on publish dispatcher. sseifert
Add "jvm.args" optional parameter for AEM start script. sseifert

Release 0.6.6 – 2015-10-16

Type Changes By
Fix typo in dispatcher transportPassword. twolfart
Fix sling mapping configuration for publish instances if multiple hostnames are defined. sseifert

Release 0.6.4 – 2015-09-26

Type Changes By
Allow sslCACertificateFile and sslCACertificatePath to be optional for author and publish vhosts. dbendlin
Fix deny patterns for author/publish vhost to make sure they are only applied at the beginning of the URL. sseifert

Release 0.6.2 – 2015-09-03

Type Changes By
Set default port for publish instances to 4503. sseifert
Make sure optional serverNameSsl is included in dispatcher_publish.any. sseifert

Release 0.6.0 – 2015-07-24

Type Changes By
aem-dispatcher-publish: Add support for CORS header in dispatcher vhost config. sseifert

Release 0.5.0 – 2015-07-08

Type Changes By
Initial release. sseifert

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