Release History

Version Date Description
1.17.0 2024-01-26  
1.16.4 2023-10-18  
1.16.2 2023-08-31  
1.16.0 2023-07-03  
1.15.0 2023-03-27  
1.14.12 2022-09-29  
1.14.10 2022-06-16  
1.14.8 2022-05-11  
1.14.6 2022-03-15  
1.14.4 2021-12-18  
1.14.2 2020-11-06  
1.14.0 2020-09-15  
1.13.4 2020-07-10  
1.13.2 2020-04-28  
1.13.0 2020-04-23  
1.12.0 2020-01-09  
1.11.4 2019-10-01  
1.11.2 2019-06-26  
1.11.0 2019-03-14  
1.10.2 2018-08-27  
1.10.0 2018-08-17  
1.9.2 2018-07-13  
1.9.0 2018-05-04  
1.8.0 2018-03-23  
1.7.0 2018-02-15  
1.6.2 2018-02-07  
1.6.0 2018-02-05  
1.5.0 2018-01-15  
1.4.4 2017-11-22  
1.4.2 2017-10-17  
1.4.0 2017-09-12  
1.3.4 2017-05-29  
1.3.2 2017-04-04  
1.3.0 2017-02-09  
1.2.0 2016-06-15  
1.1.2 2015-08-27  
1.1.0 2015-07-22  
1.0.0 2015-07-06  

Release 1.17.0 – 2024-01-26

Type Changes By
Special handling for detecting ".cfg.json" file extensions. Fixes 57. sseifert
Remove Guava dependency. Fixes 59. sseifert

Release 1.16.4 – 2023-10-18

Type Changes By
Increase SnakeYAML codepoint limit to 64MB (from default 3MB). Fixes 47. sseifert

Release 1.16.2 – 2023-08-31

Type Changes By
conga-maven-plugin: Eliminate warning "Parameter 'repoSession' (user property 'repositorySystemSession') is read-only, must not be used in configuration". sseifert

Release 1.16.0 – 2023-07-03

Type Changes By
Add new custom Handlebars expressions 'disallowProperty' which allows to block property names no longer supported. sseifert

Release 1.15.0 – 2023-03-27

Type Changes By
Switch to Java 11 as minimum version. sseifert
Update to SnakeYAML 2.0. sseifert

Release 1.14.12 – 2022-09-29

Type Changes By
Update dependencies. sseifert

Release 1.14.10 – 2022-06-16

Type Changes By
Conversion of strings to values (default values, maven properties): Keep values which look like decimals but are actually version numbers as string (e.g. "1.20). sseifert

Release 1.14.8 – 2022-05-11

Type Changes By
conga-maven-plugin: Fix version resolution for referenced JAR Maven artifacts without explicit type definition. sseifert
YAML model export: Avoid generating YAML alias for tenant role arrays. sseifert

Release 1.14.6 – 2022-03-15

Type Changes By
Update dependencies. sseifert
conga-maven-plugin: Declare Maven core dependencies as provided. sseifert
conga-cli: Switch from log4j to slf4j-simple for console logging. sseifert

Release 1.14.4 – 2021-12-18

Type Changes By
Eliminate usage of to be compatible with Java 16+. sseifert

Release 1.14.2 – 2020-11-06

Type Changes By
conga-maven-plugin: Allow to override maven properties used in CONGA definitions/environments via system parameters. sseifert

Release 1.14.0 – 2020-09-15

Type Changes By
Add support for two generic post processor options: postProcessor.fileHeader and postProcessor.validators affecting the post-processed files. sseifert
Add new url protocol "file-node:" to locate files relative to the node root in the target directory. sseifert
Add "deleteSource" flag to role file definitions to allow deletion of the source file copied with a "url" file definition (e.g. deleting an intermediate file generated by CONGA). sseifert

Release 1.13.4 – 2020-07-10

Type Changes By
Fix cyclic recursion detection when evaluating JEXL expression to work correct with deeper nested variable references. sseifert

Release 1.13.2 – 2020-04-28

Type Changes By
Handlebars: Provide AssignHelper from com.github.jknack:handlebars-helpers. sseifert

Release 1.13.0 – 2020-04-23

Type Changes By
Support 'pluginConfig' section in environments to define different plugin parameters in environment. The parameters are merged with those defined in the POM. sseifert
Support creating symlinks via CONGA using a new "symlinkTarget" role file property. sseifert
Fix NPE when generating files without file header. sseifert
Do not eliminate role files with same name but different target directories. sseifert
conga-maven-plugin: Ensure to always generate a main artifact for package goal to make compatible with maven-install-plugin 3.0.0-M1. sseifert
conga-maven-plugin: Ensure symlinked files are included as file and not as symlink in ZIP package. sseifert

Release 1.12.0 – 2020-01-09

Type Changes By
Allow to filter file generation by node names. cnagel
Register all helpers from com.github.jknack.handlebars.helper.ConditionalHelpers. trichter
Register all helpers from com.github.jknack.handlebars.helper.StringHelpers. This replaces the individual helper plugins for defaultIfEmpty, join, replace. sseifert

Release 1.11.4 – 2019-10-01

Type Changes By
Fail build when YAML contains invalid "null" elements (e.g. in tenant list). sseifert
Update dependencies. sseifert

Release 1.11.2 – 2019-06-26

Type Changes By
Ensure default config defined in role definition only for a role variant has higher precedence than the role config itself, irrelevant of the order of variants association in the environment. Fixes WDCONGA-24. sseifert

Release 1.11.0 – 2019-03-14

Type Changes By
Create symlinks to artifacts from local Maven repository instead of copying them (if filesystem permits). sseifert
Update dependencies. sseifert
conga-maven-plugin: Include 'validate' goal in ignore list for m2e. sseifert

Release 1.10.2 – 2018-08-27

Type Changes By
Resolve (trivial) variable references in map context of expression language expressions. sseifert
Allow access to StringUtils methods in expression language expressions. sseifert

Release 1.10.0 – 2018-08-17

Type Changes By
Add "replace" and "ifNotEquals" handlebars helper. trichter
Allow custom expressions in value provider variable references. sseifert

Release 1.9.2 – 2018-07-13

Type Changes By
Add YamlConstructorPlugin for customizing YAML file reading. sseifert

Release 1.9.0 – 2018-05-04

Type Changes By
Add version information of Maven and CONGA plugins in model export YAML file. sseifert
Encrypt sensitive configuration parameter values in model export YAML file. sseifert
Add YamlRepresentPlugin for YAML export. sseifert
conga-maven-plugin: Respect filtering for environments via conga.environments for validate goal as well. sseifert

Release 1.8.0 – 2018-03-23

Type Changes By
Add new context parameter 'multiplyIndex' that numbers files generated by a multiply plugin. sseifert
Allow to delete local files via UrlFileManager. sseifert
Provide target directory in FileContext. sseifert

Release 1.7.0 – 2018-02-15

Type Changes By
Support expression language in CONGA variable expressions. Fixes WDCONGA-20. sseifert
Fix problem with dependency resolution - use remote project repositories instead of remote plugin repositories. sseifert

Release 1.6.2 – 2018-02-07

Type Changes By
CONGA Maven Plugin: Allow to define custom mappings from artifact type to file extension to work around invalid dependency definitions. sseifert

Release 1.6.0 – 2018-02-05

Type Changes By
Allow to define dependencies to other CONGA artifacts in environment YAML files. sseifert
Add maven property value provider plugin. sseifert
Add validation rule that ensures value providers are not used in role definitions. They should only be used in environments. sseifert
File header dependency versions: Replace static snapshot versions like 'xxx-20180125.094723-16' with 'xxx-SNAPSHOT'. sseifert

Release 1.5.0 – 2018-01-15

Type Changes By
conga-maven-plugin: Add generic plugin configuration parameter. sseifert
Allow multiple value provider configurations with the same implementation by optionally specifying a "_plugin_" parameter. sseifert
Support resolving nested maps from values returned by a value provider. sseifert
Fix file name extraction for 'classpath:' url prefix. sseifert
Allow empty strings as default values. sseifert
SPI changes: This CONGA version includes some SPI changes that are not backward compatbile. CONGA plugins may need to be updated. sseifert

Release 1.4.4 – 2017-11-22

Type Changes By
Node Model Export: Add variable resolving for tenant configuration. trichter
Parameter list value merging: Remove _merge_ token if merged with null value. sseifert

Release 1.4.2 – 2017-10-17

Type Changes By
Add "ensureProperties" handlebars helper. Fixes WDCONGA-8. sseifert
Assigning multiple role variants: Distinguish between "and" and "or" combination with "*" suffix to mark mandatory required variants in role file definitions. sseifert
Control item ordering when merging parameter value lists with "_merge_" keyword. Fixes WDCONGA-9. sseifert
Role inheritance: Ensure that super roles are contained in node model export. Ensure files of super roles are generated before file of sub roles. sseifert
Do not convert variable values to strings for single variable references. sseifert

Release 1.4.0 – 2017-09-12

Type Changes By
Allow to assign multiple role variants to a single node. Fixes WDCONGA-13. sseifert
Add support for role/variant inheritance. Fixes WDCONGA-2. sseifert
Add "contains" handlebars helper that checks for presence of a given value in a list. sseifert
Add "Value Provider" plugin concept and an implementation for System Properties. Fixes WDCONGA-15. sseifert
Enable iteration over lists in config variables using special _iterate_ keyword. sseifert
Allow to specify default values for variable resolution. update
Allow to use configuration placeholder in tenant name. Fixes WDCONGA-10. sseifert

Release 1.3.4 – 2017-05-29

Type Changes By
Make PluginManager and UrlFileManager available to plugin contexts. sseifert
Maven plugin: Add resource folders of project itself to resource class loader. sseifert

Release 1.3.2 – 2017-04-04

Type Changes By
CONGA Maven Plugin: Support 'conga.environments' system property for selecting environments to generate. sseifert
CONGA Maven Plugin: Better error message in case of invalid maven artifact references. Fixes WDCONGA-7. sseifert
Ensure list parameter merging works properly in both directions. Fixes WDCONGA-6. sseifert
Always use BufferedInputStream to wrap FileInputStream. sseifert

Release 1.3.0 – 2017-02-09

Type Changes By
Add support for dumping "Model YAML" files for each node to make integration with build automation tools like Ansible more convenient. sseifert
Add support for downloading files in roles from HTTP, filesystem, classpath or Maven Artifact Repository. sseifert
File plugins (validation, file header, post processor) can specify "implicit apply options" whether they shoud never, always or only when unconfigured implictely apply. sseifert
Remove timestamp from file headers. sseifert
Make sure all post-processed files are processed when chaining multiple post processors. sseifert
Allow to reference context variables like tenant, node, nodeRole from configuration parameters in environment. sseifert
Maven 'config-definition' projects: Include resources of maven project in definition JAR file. sseifert
Update to latest handlebars 4.x version. sseifert

Release 1.2.0 – 2016-06-15

Type Changes By
Shorten default file header comment and allow filtering of comment lines in file header plugins. sseifert
FileHeaderPlugin: Add optional extract method to extract file headers from existing file. sseifert
Add support to extract file headers to all file header plugins. sseifert
Add generation information for environment, role, role variant and template to file header. sseifert
CONGA Maven Plugin: Generate configuration ZIP package per environment, not one including all environments. sseifert
Add m2e lifecycle mapping - ignore all goals by default in Eclipse. sseifert

Release 1.1.2 – 2015-08-27

Type Changes By
Fix potential NPE when comparing versions. sseifert

Release 1.1.0 – 2015-07-22

Type Changes By
Add property "lineEndings" to role file to allow explicit control over generated file endings. sseifert
Add "generate-version-info" and "validate-version-info" goals to ensure that during configuration generation no older Maven/CONGA plugins are used than were used during generation of references definition artifacts. sseifert
Support "nodes" attribute additional to "node" for environments when multiple nodes have the same roles and configuration. sseifert
Resource abstraction: Ensure resource collections are always ordered alphabetically. sseifert

Release 1.0.0 – 2015-07-06

Type Changes By
Initial release. sseifert

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Version: 1.17.1-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2024-04-18.